MRes course structure

Kick-Off Camp

This residential course takes place two weeks before Term 1 at Reading campus, to encourage cohort building through group activities, including an intensive background course on atmosphere and ocean physics, and a series of computer labs leading to student presentations.

MPE Wednesday

This is a day-long weekly meeting for all of the first year students in term time, alternating between Reading and Imperial. The CDT seminar will take place on this day. Further, there will be tutorials on problems arising from the material of the core courses, often with an applications focus. One slot a month will be used for transferable skills training in collaboration with our Graduate Schools. Students will spend an hour preparing for the seminar, with guided discussion on background material needed to understand the seminar. After the seminar, discussion will continue with the speaker.

MRes research project

During their MRes year, students undertake a research project, supervised by MPECDT staff. Students are given a list of projects at the Kick-Off Camp, and they vote to select which supervisors will present background about their projects in MPE Wednesdays. Students are matched with projects and supervisors at the end of the first term.