MPE Wednesday Seminar Series: Academic Year 2017/18 (Term 2)

JANUARY Location Speaker  Talk title
17 ICL Minimising Climate Risks event

24 ICL Dante Kalise Balza

(Imperial College London)

“Computational methods for optimisation & optimal control of PDEs”
31 UoR Phil Trinh

(University of Bath)

 “An introduction to the mathematical modelling oflithium-ion batteries”
7 ICL Claudia Schillings

(University of Mannheim)

“Analysis of Ensemble Kalman Inversion”
14 UoR Helen Burgess

(University of St Andrews)

21 UoR (interview date) Richard Everitt

(University of Reading)

 28 ICL Aretha Teckentrup

(University of Edinburgh)

7 UoR Visit to ECMWF
14 ICL Jonathan Rougier

(University of Bristol)

“Apocalyptic volcanic super eruption that could DESTROY civilisation is much closer than we thought, say experts”
21 Jamboree 2018