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Reading MPE Wednesday Seminar 27th February Javier Amezcua (University of Reading)

Date and Time: Wednesday, 27 February, 11.00-12.00 Location: Slingo Lecture Theatre, JJ Thompson Building, Whiteknights Campus Speaker: Javier Amezcua (University of Reading) Title: Time structures in model error within data assimilation  Abstract: The explicit consideration of model error in data assimilation is increasing. While this improves the realism of the situation (i.e. models have deficiencies), it also… Read more »

MPE Wednesday Seminar 10th October – Prof Owen Jones at University of Reading

Title: Runoff processes on trees   Abstract: The volume of catchment discharge that reaches a stream via the overland flow path is critical for water quality prediction, because it is via this pathway that most particulate pollutants are generated and transported to the stream channel, via surface erosion processes. When it rains, spatial variation in… Read more »

5th October talk at University of Reading, Cécile Penland NOAA/ESRL/Physical Sciences Division

University of Reading, NCAS Seminar Series, Friday 5th October 10am, Met GU01 TITLE Stochastically Generated Skew: Implications for Forecast Probabilities ABSTRACT The salient non-Gaussian features of observed climatological distributions are captured by so-called stochastically generated skewed (SGS) distributions that include Gaussian distributions as special cases. SGS distributions are associated with damped linear Markov processes perturbed… Read more »

MOTR/HKO Presentation Day – 17th October 2018

Cohort 2015 students will be presenting their projects from this summer’s MetOffice placements, in addition to several Cohort 2016 students who undertook collaborations at the Hong Kong Observatory. The presentations will take place at the University of Reading on October 17th 2018, the agenda can be see here