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Prof. Almut Veraart publishes monograph on Ambit Stochastics in the prestigious Springer series Probability and Stochastic Modelling

Drawing on advanced probability theory, Ambit Stochastics is used to model stochastic processes which depend on both time and space. This monograph, the first on the subject, provides a reference for this burgeoning field, complete with the applications that have driven its development. Unique to Ambit Stochastics are ambit sets, which allow the delimitation of… Read more »

LMS Summer School, Mathematics of Climate, 8-12 July, 2019

LMS Summer School Mathematics of Climate 8-12 July, 2019 University of Reading, Room Met 1L61. Organised in partnership with London Mathematical Society Research lying at the intersection between mathematics and geoscience has been gaining more and more prominence in recent years, e.g. the worldwide Year of Mathematics for Planet Earth 2013 which incited a lot of activities. The… Read more »

Student internship at Argonne National Laboratory, USA

In December 2018, MPE CDT Cohort Charlie student Joe Wallwork returned from a four month internship at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), just outside Chicago, USA. At ANL, Joe worked in the Mathematics and Computer Science division, under the supervision of Prof. Paul Hovland and Dr. Hong Zhang, as part of the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for… Read more »

MPE CDT takes part in Imperial Lates XMATHS Exhibition

On 6 December 2018, six MPE CDT students (Mariana Clare, Zoe Goss, Adriaan Hilbers, Imogen Dell, Niraj Agarwal and Matthew Garrod) volunteered their time to participate in the Xmaths Imperial Lates event. Imperial Lates are the College’s series of after work free public events where different research themes are brought to life by the creativity… Read more »

MPE Wednesday Seminar Series for term 2 of the Academic Year 2018/19

We are pleased to present our MPE Wednesday Seminar Series for term 2 of the Academic Year 2018/19. This series will be given by climate and weather scientists, industrial partners and mathematicians who will present an overview of their current research activity and how it’s shaping and contributing to tackle global challenges in oceans, weather… Read more »

MPE welcomes Keiichi Watanabe (visiting PhD student) and Prof. Martin Guest as part of its collaboration with Waseda University

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Educational and Scientific Cooperation between Imperial College and Waseda University (Japan), the Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training (MPE CDT) has this term welcomed visiting PhD student Mr Keiichi Watanabe. This was followed by a visit from Prof. Martin Guest (Waseda Universty, Department of… Read more »

Why it’s still impossible to get long-range weather forecasts right” WIRED

As the temperature drops, Colin Cotter from the MPE CDT has been talking about weather forecasting: “Why it’s still impossible to get long-range weather forecasts right” WIRED – “‘…In order to understand why we can trust scientists on long-term research looking at climate change, or weather forecasters on if it will rain tomorrow, but not… Read more »